Dear Readers,

One of the joys of being a conservative writer in Wisconsin is getting a chance to talk to political people about things other than politics.

This may shock you, but most people don’t think about politics 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s even true for people who get paid to talk about politics.

I don’t think it’s a state secret that many of the radio talk show hosts in the Milwaukee area have other interests. One local talk show host, believe it or not, even tries to escape politics when he’s on a trip with his regular listeners. I know. I was there when he made the announcement.

We all know Mark Belling can talk about horse racing. But did you know Dan O’Donnell can talk about vacations with the family? Vicki McKenna can tell stories about her dogs? Steve Scaffidi has a football addiction problem? And Jay Weber is a history buff?

Politicians, too, can talk about things other than politics. For example, Rep. Scott Allen (R-Waukesha) can talk about theater, his religious faith, real estate, owning a business, sending kids off to college, and where to find a good fish fry. I suspect that, even as you’re reading this, Allen is not preparing note cards to lecture at Thanksgiving Dinner on the importance of reducing the number of Blue Books and maps his office is forced to give away.

So if they can have Thanksgiving dinner without saying “pass the turkey and vote for Donald Trump,” so can the rest of us. Yet the unfortunate trend continues on social media about how everyone needs to have “an important conversation” about {insert favorite leftwing cause here}, followed by some moronic special interest group’s prepared talking points that can’t stand up to the deep questioning of a four-year-old.

Same goes for die-hard fans of President Donald Trump who think “the tide has turned” who are ready to “go on the offensive.” Spare us the offense, will you?

It’s even gotten to the point where the Associated Press is recommending having special “impeachment rooms” in your home, with a moderator, to debate whether Trump should be removed from office. No word on what kind of Ukrainian hors d’oeuvres should be served. (I am definitely anti-beetroot.)

By the way, can we impeach Trump for ripping off the Larry the Lobster sketch from Saturday Night Live? Did we really need to have an online contest to see which turkey lived and which turkey died? Even Sarah Palin didn’t go there.

If we’re going to interrupt every family gathering with “an important conversation,” let’s stick to the proper way to make a brandy old fashioned, should cranberries have ridges, or how many olives belong in dad’s vodka martini? Because if we’re going to decide that something “important” is more important than spending time talking with family members like loved ones instead of political focus group members, we’re forgetting the most important point of Thanksgiving.

We’re supposed to be giving thanks to God for the gift of living in a free and bountiful country. What petty political question could be more important than that?

Of course, it’s easy for me to say, right? I don’t have a real stake in the next presidential election. After all, I’m voting for Mercutio in 2020 with his campaign slogan of, “A plague o’ both your houses!”

Now pass the mashed potatoes while I explain why Wisconsin’s minimum markup law is making Thanksgiving dinner more expensive than it needs to be.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

James Wigderson
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