House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) delivered the following remarks on the House floor on Thursday in honor of National Police Week: 

My colleagues: I rise today to welcome all the law enforcement officers and their families who have come to Washington in honor of National Police Week.

There is a saying in the law enforcement community: “In this family, nobody fights alone.”

When an officer goes down, the whole force feels the loss and carries the burden. It is so moving to see that spirit of solidarity on display this week.

This year, the names of 360 fallen officers have been added to our National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial–including four from the state of Wisconsin.

One of them is Detective Jason Weiland of the Everest Metropolitan Police Department. He was shot and killed in the line of duty last March.

His daughter Anna, 10 years old, spoke at his memorial service. She said, “All of the amazing people in the world will always outnumber the criminals.”

Those words resonated so much that Anna’s teacher helped her start a group called “Be Amazing.” They honor her dad’s memory by doing community service projects.

Now how inspiring is that?

Another Wisconsin story I want to share is that of Officer Brian Murphy of the Ashwaubenon Police Department.

Last July, Officer Murphy was hit by a drunk driver on Interstate 41. He sustained a number of life-threatening injuries.

Yet just weeks later, he left the hospital able to stand on his own, surrounded by his family and fellow officers. It won’t surprise you to hear that he is back on the job.

This week, Officer Murphy said the decision to return to work was not difficult at all. It’s about a “good sense of purpose,” he said.

We have seen this resilience and devotion to duty right here in the Capitol. I don’t think I will ever tire of seeing of Agents David Bailey and Crystal Griner back at their posts.

As Speaker, I have had the chance to work closely with the dedicated professionals of the Capitol Police. It has been an incredible honor, it truly has.

My colleagues, I know this is a challenging time for law enforcement.

If there is one thing I’ve come to recognize, it is that we must not take any of this for granted–whether it’s the dangers that the men and women who wear the badge face. . .or the sacrifices that their families make, all the long nights and holidays that they don’t get to spend together.

We must not take any of it for granted. It is where our safety comes from every day.

We should consider it a privilege to serve those who serve and protect us.

To all the cops on the beat, and to your loved ones: you do not fight alone.

We are with you, and behind you, always.

Thank you, and God bless you.


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