Madison Mayor Paul Soglin (D?) posted on Facebook Tuesday that he intends to formally announce his campaign for governor “in a few weeks.”

“I need your help. In a few weeks I plan to formally announce my candidacy for governor of Wisconsin,” Soglin wrote. “Social media like Facebook will play an important role. Tomorrow I will post a message about housing. If you are supportive could you please ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ Wednesday’s housing message so we can see the potential of using Facebook. Thank you.”

Soglin is known for his radical left past which, while compatible with the city of Madison, will likely pose a problem for him statewide, even among out-state Democrats. Among his exploits, Soglin actually travelled to Cuba to meet with Fidel Castro and even gave the Communist dictator the key to the city. At 72, Soglin may also have a problem relating to a younger generation of voters.

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