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The city of San Francisco announced Sunday, April 1, that it will be launching a new ad campaign to promote tourism using a slogan inspired by Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Rebecca Dallet.

“Our values are your values,” said San Francisco’s Minister of Tourism Raisa Detaxis. “It’s the next ‘Pure Michigan’ slogan that every tourism board prays for. You know, if we actually prayed or something.”

Dallet is running for Wisconsin Supreme Court against Sauk County Judge Michael Screnock in Tuesday’s election. Dallet recently flew to San Francisco to raise money for her campaign from people who aren’t Wisconsin special interests, which are bad, but California special interests, which are good.

At the fundraiser, Dallet told the audience, “I know that your values are our Wisconsin values that we’ve lost along the way, and I appreciate that you’re all here.”

Detaxis said she can’t wait for the first commercials to air in Wisconsin and elsewhere. “We’re going to have famous people like [former Attorney General] Eric Holder and [former Vice President] Joe Biden to show the geographic diversity of San Francisco’s values,” Detaxis said. “As the former vice president would say, it’s a big f–k— deal.”

The script for the first commercial was released Sunday, April 1, timed with the announcement. Against a backdrop of contemporary photos of the city’s streets and population, a female voice with a midwest accent says the following:

“From high taxes to liberal politics, from filthy streets to shielding undocumented immigrants from Donald Trump. San Francisco may seem like a heaven for radicals, but one visit to a Democratic fundraiser and you’ll know: our values are your values. You just lost them.”

Dallet said she was thrilled that she inspired the new series of commercials. “As you know, I’ve been trying to hide my love for San Francisco during this campaign,” Dallet said. ‘We even asked the California Democrats to go after the person who recorded my speech where I said that our values were San Francisco’s values. After all, I wouldn’t want any Wisconsin community to feel jealous.”

Dallet denied that she’s in negotiations with California’s Rice a Roni to act as their spokesperson if the election does not go her way. ‘We’re in the election to win at all costs,” said Dallet. “From the Golden Gate Bridge to Delaware, national voices are telling Wisconsinites what to think about Wisconsin values.”

Dallet said she was looking forward to Election Day. “I can’t wait to bring those San Francisco values back here,” Dallet said. “We can start bringing back the [former Governor] Jim Doyle era to Wisconsin from the Supreme Court. Won’t that be great?”

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