This had to annoy those liberals indulging in their Randy Bryce fantasies. House Speaker Paul Ryan’s hometown newspaper, hearing the rumors of retirement, begged Ryan to stay in office:

Through it all, Ryan has refused to debase himself by hurling insults at his critics. He reminds the Beltway of what life used to be like before Twitter, and he’s an example of how a leader should behave.

It’s not fair to blame Ryan for the antics of a president with little self-control.

Congress would lose a great deal—namely integrity—if Ryan were to leave. Paul, please don’t go.

Where did the Janesville Gazette get the idea Ryan is retiring? From that false report in Politico, of course.

Ryan has denied his exit is imminent, but speculation about his future revved into high gear two weeks ago after the online news site Politico reported plans for Ryan to leave Congress next year.

Janesville residents might save Politico’s 6,000-word opus for bedtime reading. It’s Beltway journalism built on a foundation of anonymous sources. The “three dozen people” Politico claims to have interviewed surely have names, but the vast majority aren’t in the story.

Despite its depth, the report reveals little about Ryan—“friends say he feels like he’s running a daycare center”—that we don’t already know or suspect. The story highlights Ryan’s torn feelings over his job, zooming in on the dysfunction afflicting our nation’s capital.

As has been pointed out in RightWisconsin, Ryan isn’t going anywhere. But if the false report in Politico has had any effect, at least Ryan knows he’s appreciated.

Meanwhile, Hollywood continues to line up behind Ryan’s Democratic opponent. Bryce received the endorsement of Patton Oswalt.


We remember when self-described comedians attempted to be funny. And yes, that was before Oswalt.

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