By: House Speaker Paul Ryan (WI-01) & Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (WI-05)

Over the last 18 months, we have passed more than 700 bills in the House of Representatives aimed at growing this economy, expanding opportunity, and putting in place conservative policies that empower individuals and families.

Our efforts have led to tangible victories on behalf of Wisconsinites and the American people. Consumer confidence is nearing a two-decade high. Unemployment continues to drop to levels we haven’t seen in almost 50 years. Individuals and families can reach their full potential because they’re feeling more optimistic and more confident about the state of our economy.

And while we’ve had some real successes in moving legislation to President Donald Trump’s desk, namely on tax reform, it is clear that we need more allies in the United States Senate to fully implement our agenda, as over 500 bills are still awaiting action in that chamber because of Democrat filibusters.

Imagine how much more we could get done if we had another pro-growth conservative in the Senate who was willing to work with us, work with Sen. Ron Johnson, and work with the president to build on the success that we’re having.

That’s why we’re both proud to endorse Leah Vukmir to represent Wisconsin in the United States Senate.

Leah is a longtime friend of ours and she has been a conservative partner among grassroots Republicans for years. She has proven that in the face of opposition, she will never waver and will work relentlessly for the causes that she believes in.

Leah got her start in this movement as an activist, working to improve the education offered at her daughter’s school. She took those convictions to Madison, first in the State Assembly and then to the Senate, to fix government and make it more accountable to taxpayers.

In the State Senate, she stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Governor Scott Walker to advance critical reforms that would create jobs and improve our overall economy. The results speak for themselves: Wisconsin’s unemployment rate today is 2.8 percent. Families are saving more and we are doing markedly better than surrounding states.

Now, Leah is ready to take that fight to the U.S. Senate. And we need her there…badly.

On issue after issue – whether it’s putting patients back in control of health care, cutting taxes for hard-working families, rolling back regulations stifling small businesses and job creators, or standing up for America’s interests abroad – Tammy Baldwin has toed the party line instead of looking out for Wisconsin.

Those votes hold us back as a country. They prevent us from taking steps forward so Wisconsinites can thrive and pass on a better state to the next generation. That is what’s at stake in this election and it’s why we need to win this Senate seat.

And Leah is the best candidate to do that. She has experience fighting for the conservative policies that we know will improve people’s lives, and she’s well-versed in both challenging the status quo and disrupting business as usual. That’s exactly the kind of voice we need in the U.S. Senate.

As we close in on this important election, we have to think about how far we’ve come in such a short time. Remember, we used to be a pretty blue state. But conservative activists from all corners of Wisconsin recognized that we were going in the wrong direction, and we did something about that.

We elected Scott Walker, prevented his recall, and then re-elected him. We sent Ron Johnson to the Senate, and then we re-elected him. We turned the Badger State red in a presidential election for the first time since 1984, supporting President Trump and Vice President Pence. We’ve picked up seats in Congress, expanded our majorities in the both the State Assembly and State Senate, and now we have one more hill to climb.

Leah has stood with us every step of the way on this journey. Now, it’s time for us to stand with her so she can go to Washington and continue this fight. We’re proud to be supporting her in this Senate race and hope you’ll join us in voting for her to be our nominee on August 14th.


[avatar user=”Paul Ryan” size=”thumbnail” align=”left” /] Paul Ryan is the Speaker of the House of Representatives and represents Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District.

[avatar user=”sensenbrenner” size=”thumbnail” align=”left” /] James Sensenbrenner represents Wisconsin’s 5th Congressional District and is the senior member of Wisconsin’s congressional delegation.

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