We admit. When we first saw Governor Evers’ proclamation calling for a January 27th special election in the 7th CD, we didn’t check the calendar to see on which day of the week the 27th fell. Elections are on Tuesdays.

Except for when they aren’t.

The 27th is a Monday. So is December 30, 2019, the date for the Special Election Primary. Many assumed Evers would call the General Election to coincide with either the statewide Supreme Court Primary or General Elections. Others said that the election would be earlier as to not boost turnout in the increasingly red 7th District.

No one predicted a Monday election. No one predicted the primary would be the Monday between Christmas and New Years.

Here’s Republican Party of Wisconsin’s Mark Jefferson on Evers’ decision to have the election on a Monday.

“Gov. Tony Evers called for a special election on a Monday over the holidays in order to shield his party from rural voters during the spring election. Just last November, Gov. Evers said that hosting another election would cost millions of taxpayers dollars and cause undue confusion for election officials,” Jefferson said. 

“Governor Evers knows the problems that come with holding an election in 26 counties during the holidays, but he doesn’t care. Clerks are already burdened by existing end-of-year priorities such as budgets and property taxes, along with reviewing nomination papers for local offices. This desperate move shows just how terrified Democrats are of rural Wisconsin voters, their level of hypocrisy and the lengths they’ll go to benefit their own party.”

Do you think Jefferson is right? Honestly, why else would Evers call an election on a Monday?

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