The Republican Party of Wisconsin launched a new radio ad on Tuesday to promote the tax cuts under Governor Scott Walker. The ad’s narrator says:

Thanks to Scott Walker, taxes are going down.

Taxes on a median valued home will be lower next year than they were in 2014.

And Governor Walker and Republicans even eliminated an entire tax – a huge win for hard-working families.

Some $8 billion in tax cuts means more money in our pockets – helping families spend their money as they see fit…like on school supplies or a weekend getaway.

With Scott Walker putting taxpayers first, our future is bright.

Thank you, Governor Walker!

You can listen to the entire radio ad here.

The ad comes as state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, D-Alma, joins a crowded field of Democrats running for governor against Walker. The Republican Party also launched an online campaign ad and a website criticizing her when she announced her candidacy on Monday. In 2008, Vinehout supported the largest tax increase in state history to pay for government-run universal health insurance.  The plan would have cost $15.2 billion the first year.

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