The Republicans have one less possible candidate for governor. U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) announced he will not be a candidate in that Republican primary.

The Associated Press reports that Johnson made the announcement in an interview by conspiracy-theory supporting radio host Vicki McKenna. Johnson, of course, blames others for the rumor.

“I have no idea who started that rumor, but if I run for anything, it’s not going to be for governor,” Johnson said in response to a question from conservative talk radio host Vicki McKenna. “So anybody considering governor, you’re not going to have me entering any kind of primary for governor.”

As the Associated Press points out, Johnson himself put his name on the list of possible GOP candidates for governor.

“Johnson himself floated the possibility of a run for governor back in 2019 when he was asked about it and responded ‘Never say never,’” the AP reported.

Johnson is currently on a tour of friendly media outlets attempting to explain away his statement that he had no fear of the supporters of President Donald Trump who attacked the Capitol on January 6 attempting to prevent certification of the presidential election. Instead, Johnson said, he would have been afraid if the attackers had been members of the Black Lives Matters protests. Johnson has been pilloried nationally, with commentators ranging from calling the senator an idiot to being a racist.

The senator, in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, presented himself as a victim by claiming the press is trying to “cancel” him.

Most reporters today put advocacy above journalism. Instead of conducting interviews with conservatives, they conduct arguments. They push their political viewpoints and are willing to lie, twist, distort, omit, censor and cancel anything or anyone with an opposing view. They are oblivious to the harm they are doing. All who value liberty and free speech must push back.

Despite being “cancelled,” Johnson has had no trouble finding media outlets willing to let him air his views, as Jessie Opoien notes in an op-ed in the Capital Times.

In the Wall Street Journal op-ed, Johnson claims the left’s “taste for violence” was different than what he saw from Trump supporters.

“There’s a reason why the boarded-up windows in the downtowns of major cities came down soon after Joe Biden won the election,” Johnson wrote. “Nobody was worried what Trump supporters would do if their guy lost; they were worried about what Biden supporters would do if their guy didn’t win.”

Johnson, who has said that he didn’t consider the violent attack on the Capitol to be an “insurrection,” neglected to mention that the Trump supporters violently stormed the Capitol on January 6 in an attempt to prevent the presidential election from being certified, ending an American tradition of the non-violent transfer of power. The protesters were incited by the president and encouraged in their belief that the election was illegitimate by Johnson and other Republicans who sought to overturn the election’s results.

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