I’m passionately pro-life. I always have been and I always will be. For me, it is fundamentally unacceptable to believe the God-given gift of life isn’t sacred. There’s only one candidate running for U.S. Senate that has been an ardent advocate for the rights of the unborn throughout their entire life.  

Leah Vukmir is that candidate, and she’s earned my steadfast support for U.S. Senate. I’m honored to have spent my time as an elected official fighting on behalf of the unborn, and I’m proud to say that Leah Vukmir has been with me every step of the way. 

Leah Vukmir is unapologetically pro-life. 

Since my very first session in the Legislature, whether in her role as a member of the Joint Finance Committee or as chair of the Senate Health Committee, Leah has been a critical ally for the pro-life movement. She has ensured the success of our efforts to eliminate taxpayer subsidies for abortions and ended state funding for our state and nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. 

Earlier this session, the Legislature became aware of UW-Madison’s role as an abortion contractor for Planned Parenthood, with public employees on state time, with state salaries, benefits and malpractice insurance performing abortions for Planned Parenthood at its abortion-only facility in Madison (and formerly Grand Chute, as well).  Leah has joined Sen. Chris Kapenga, Rep. Janel Brandtjen and me as a leader in working to end that relationship. 

Leah has fearlessly stood up for those that cannot speak for themselves and played a leading role in advancing legislation that respects the sanctity, dignity, and humanity of the lives of our future generations. She knows that women, and families, deserve better than abortion. She knows abortion is NOT healthcare. And she knows Planned Parenthood’s massive bilking of taxpayers on so many fronts has to end. I’m confident that as our U.S. Senator, Leah Vukmir will continue to be unapologetically pro-life. 

Furthermore, Leah’s stood boldly for Wisconsin values. She’s fought hard for victims’ rights and lowered taxes for hard-working Wisconsinites by more than $8 billion.  Leah’s fierce leadership during Act 10, Right to Work, and the repeal of prevailing wage, make it easy to see why grassroots conservatives are rallying behind her statewide. I stood with Leah in those intense battles.  I’m proud to stand with her now.

On so many issues, Leah Vukmir has led the charge for transformative change here in Wisconsin. There is no other candidate in the Senate race with a proven conservative record of bold reform and real success. Leah is unequivocally the best, most tested candidate to take on and defeat Tammy Baldwin this November.

As our U.S. Senator, Leah Vukmir will continue to fight for Wisconsin values, economic freedom, and most importantly, the most vulnerable of society — in and out of the womb. I’m proud to endorse Leah Vukmir and I encourage my friends, colleagues, and constituents to do the same.

André Jacque (R – DePere) is the State Representative in the 2nd Assembly District.

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