Randy Bryce, the troubled Democratic candidate in the 1st congressional district, has a campaign ad supporting “sensible gun policy.” In the ad, Bryce is shown firing a bolt-action rifle with a scope, but does it belong to him or the campaign?

Shortly before the ad was recorded, campaign finance records show that the Bryce campaign made a purchase for “media production props” at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $435. The new-looking rifle in the ad, a Savage AXIS XP Bolt Action Rifle with a Bushnell scope, goes for $379.99, leaving a little left over for ammo or the case seen in the ad. More if the rifle was on sale.

Bryce’s campaign did not return an email asking questions about the purchase. However, the Republican Party of Wisconsin (RPW) says the purchase of a gun as a prop in a television commercial is typical of the Bryce campaign.

“Once again Red Carpet Randy is caught playing a role on TV, showing just how out of touch he is with Wisconsin voters,” said Alec Zimmerman, the state party’s Communications Director. “Bryce has more in common with his far-left Hollywood donors than he does with hard-working families.”

But questions remain: If Bryce already is a gun owner, as he claims, why did he need to purchase a rifle as a television prop? Does he actually own a gun, or is that just a line in a television commercial script? Or is the gun that Bryce supposedly owns the type of gun that he wants to ban for law-abiding citizens?

Bryce also makes the claim in the ad, “I don’t respect the NRA profit machine that lets guns into the hands of criminals and the mentally ill time and time again.” Yet by purchasing the rifle, Bryce is contributing directly to the “profit machine” of the gun industry. What will his fellow Democrats think of Bryce using campaign donations to buy a gun?

Now that Bryce’s campaign owns the rifle, what will it do with it? Bryce can’t keep it – he would be personally benefiting from the campaign. He’s already facing accusations he personally benefited from his campaign when one of his personal debts was mysteriously paid off by a Democratic lawyer.

Bryce’s campaign will probably have to sell the rifle after the election, another gun on the streets sold in a private sale; the type Democrats such as Bryce often complain about.

From Randy Bryce’s campaign finance report.


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