“By being seldom seen, I could not stir
But like a comet I was wondered at.”
Henry IV, Part 1, act 3

These are heady times for Randy Bryce. The three-time election loser and leftwing protester has gained national attention since declaring his candidacy for the Democratic nomination in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, the seat currently held by House Speaker Paul Ryan.

With the national attention comes money, of course. The Hill reports Bryce raised $430,000 in the first 12 days of his campaign. “That money, according to Bryce’s campaign, came from more than 16,000 donations, amounting to an average contribution of a little more than $25,” The Hill reported.

It’s a good thing for Bryce none of these donors saw his appearance on CNN. Because while a clever video may give you the spotlight, the spotlight burns awfully hot on the unprepared.

Bryce was asked on CNN about his support for single-payer health care.

John Berman: You’re not just against, though, what the Republicans are trying to do in congress right now. You want to go even further than Obamacare. You’re for single payer. You’re for basically universal health care. And there’s analysis from a group called the Urban Institute, which we haven’t been able to double-check, but it says – Bernie Sanders, you look at his plan for universal health coverage that he ran on during the primary. You know, the cost $32 trillion over ten years. Even if it’s half that, that’s a ton of money. How do you propose paying for it?

Randy Bryce: There’s a lot of people getting away without paying their fair share in taxes today. Um, and they benefit the most from society.

John Berman: You want to raise thirty-two trillion dollars in taxes?

Randy Bryce: Well, I’m not saying  that, that, we have to look at ways, um, just increase complete costs. There’s a lot of things we can  look at as far as cost effective. But, again,  … but there’s a lot of people not paying what, you know, their fair share of taxes. They’re corporations getting away with a lot.

Poppy Harlow: That, that would be quite a tax hike. I mean, that’s an astonishing number, thirty-two trillion dollars.


But then it got worse when talking about North Korea. Bryce told CNN:

“I don’t have specifics. I haven’t seen exactly what — I don’t have information on what North Korea launched. I plan on going — we’re going to take a trip later this month to Washington. D.C. to get better educated on the issues, and I hope to have more information then. I mean, I have ideas and there are things I’d like to say. But right now, it would honestly be speculation.”

After he gets back from the school field trip to Washington D.C. maybe he’ll be educated enough to realize he’s in over his head. Or maybe the Democratic Party will figure that out.

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