Democrat Randy Bryce, a.k.a “The Iron Stache,” may think he’s ready to take on House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-WI, but apparently the dog ate his homework. Bryce has not filed his Personal Financial Disclosure (PFD) statement with the Federal Election Commission, nor has he requested an extension, according to the federal database.

Once a candidate has raised $5000 for their congressional campaign, they are required to file the PFD within 30 days or request an extension. Bryce had crossed that financial threshold in June, four months ago. However, the federal website has nothing on file for Bryce.

Bryce’s campaign did not respond to an email request for an explanation.

“Cut Red Carpet Randy some slack,” said Chris Martin, spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee. “His schedule is packed with trips to hobnob with the Hollywood elite, leaving very little time to comply with federal campaign finance laws.”

Bryce’s opponent in the Democratic Primary in the first congressional district, Cathy Myers, has requested an extension. Her financial disclosure statement is now due October 27.

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