Why Does Planned Parenthood Need Taxpayer Money, Again?

10.06.17 | by Heather Weininger

“Despite constantly begging for taxpayer dollars, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin plans to open a glitzy, $8 million new facility in Milwaukee,” stated Heather Weininger, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life. “This leaves us with just one question – why does Planned Parenthood need taxpayer money, again?”

Today, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin announced their plan to open a new facility in Milwaukee on Tuesday. The facility was paid for entirely by Planned Parenthood donors – private funds. It will be located in Milwaukee’s Third Ward.

“It is beyond the pale that Planned Parenthood would insist they continue to need taxpayer dollars, while they pay for an $8 million facility,” continued Weininger. “It is also shocking that they would blame pro-life laws for the closure of their rural facilities, while building an upscale clinic in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. The opening of this facility exposes Planned Parenthood’s true colors – that they don’t care about truly serving women. Instead, they will follow the money, whether it’s from the taxpayer’s pocketbook or from exploiting women in Wisconsin’s largest city.”


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