Just in time for Martin Luther King Day, Bill Penzey is calling every Trump voter a racist. To combat that racism, Penzeys Spices is giving away a free “mini Soul Box” – normally $14.95 plus shipping and handling – for just a shipping charge of $3.95. The box contains some cinnamon, some Cajun Seasoning and, yes, a rub for chicken and pork called “33rd and Galena.”

“Just the right gift for anyone on your list working to keep the goodness of the American soul alive,” Penzeys Spices’ online catalog claims.

If the small box of spices isn’t enough for you, Penzeys also sells a full American Heart and Soul Box that contains the Galena Street Rib and Chicken Rub. Both of the Soul spice boxes comes with a special Soul Pin so you can let everyone know you’re not a racist.

We can’t wait to see what Penzey gives away on Jackie Robinson’s birthday. But despite the culturally insensitive promotion of a free chicken rub on Martin Luther King day, it’s Republicans that are the racists, according to Penzey.

“This time, voting for the Republican’s openly racist candidate was itself an act of racism,” Penzey wrote in a Facebook post. “This time there’s no excuse.”

Penzey added that conservatives who don’t want to be seen as being a racist should just admit that their vote for Trump was a racist act. “Voting for racism is racism,” Penzey wrote. “If you don’t want to be publicly seen as a racist, don’t vote for it.”

Perhaps someone should have said to Penzey that if he didn’t want to look racist, he shouldn’t be giving away a rub for chicken and pork ribs on Martin Luther King day.


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