The following is a letter from RightWisconsin contributor George Mitchell to David McIntosh, President of the national Club for Growth:

December 10, 2017


Thank you for the invitation to the Club’s upcoming Economic Retreat.

I suspended my financial support following your predecessor’s involvement in Wisconsin’s 2012 Republican primary for the U.S. Senate. The Club’s factually challenged communications were decidedly unhelpful.  

The Club arguably helped pave the way for Senator Baldwin’s general election victory. While you shoulder no responsibility for that, you are 100 percent accountable for the recent labelling of State Senator Leah Vukmir as a “RINO.”  That ill-informed — laughable, really —claim wholly undermines the Club’s credibility. If you say that about Senator Vukmir, how can one hope to rely on what the Club says about candidates in other states?

Wisconsin has two candidates for the Republican Senate nomination. I have endorsed Senator Vukmir.  I also have spoken on a few occasions with Kevin Nicholson. While either of the two would bring a principled conservative point of view to the Senate, in my view Leah’s long track record gives her a decided edge.  

Earlier this year I had an extended conversation with your finance director about resuming financial support.  I had heard positive things from the late Mark Stephens and others about your background. Unfortunately, the bogus RINO charge against Leah Vukmir represents nothing less than an instant replay of the Club’s negative role in 2012. It must have put a smile on the face of Senator Baldwin and her team.


George Mitchell

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