The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, reporting divisions on the Right about the effort to recall Governor Tony Evers, describes the position of RightWisconsin as “expressed unease.”

There is no “unease” with the recall effort. The answer is no. No to circulating the recall petitions, no to signing the recall petitions, no to any support for the recall effort, no to any sympathy for the recall effort, no to any political figure that attempts to take advantage of the recall effort, and no to recalling Evers.

We explained why in our editorial.

In addition to those reasons, we’re deeply concerned about the central figure in the recall effort, Misty Polewczynski, and the “politician” running for governor that is supporting the effort, Jonathan Wichmann.

Polewczynski has a criminal record for forgery. That is not the type of record to entrust with the personal information (and signatures) of thousands of Wisconsinites.

Meanwhile, Wichmann appears to be a fringe candidate that nobody in the GOP recognizes. Donors to his effort, beware. Wichmann believes wearing masks to avoid the Covid-19 virus is a “mass psyop” campaign, is against vaccines, and has a Ron Paul obsession with the federal reserve.

After bragging about his martial arts training to the Journal Sentinel reporter, Wichmann says he cannot divulge his real address because it would make his “security detail” upset. We call Hong Kong Phooey on his candidacy, his martial arts training and his “security detail.”

But we’re still deeply disappointed that the state Republican Party will not criticize the recall effort. The party had plenty to say about why recalls should not be used over policy differences when the process was being used against Governor Scott Walker. Surely they could find one of those old press releases and substitute “Evers” where it said “Walker.”

Had Republican leaders been more outspoken against recalling Evers earlier in the process, perhaps it would have been snuffed out by now. Instead, the GOP is reaping what it sows, a giant distraction ahead of the November election that will leave everyone disappointed. Then again, that’s a perpetual state of affairs for the Republican Party.

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