Wisconsin Parents Still Have Time to Enroll Their Children in an Established Online Charter School​

​Parents dissatisfied with their school district’s fall enrollment plans are empowered by Wisconsin law with the ability to transfer into one of the state’s established, well-run online charter schools. Now there is a new website and a hotline to help them with the process.

“Parents don’t have to settle for uncertainty or online instruction thrown together on the fly nor are they forced to send kids into buildings that they don’t feel are safe,” said Ty Babinski, President of the Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families. “Wisconsin’s law allows for near-year round open enrollment and children can still transfer into established, reliable online virtual charter schools today!”

The Coalition explains the process at TransfertoVirtualSchool.com and established a hotline for any parents having difficulties with enrolling in an established, online charter school in Wisconsin. The hotline is 608-960-7766. Wisconsin’s inter-district open enrollment program empowers families to apply for their children to attend public school in a district outside the district they reside in. There is still time to make that decision. 

​Babinski and the coalition encourages parents to do their research​ and examine Wisconsin’s Online Charter School’s listed at TransfertoVirtualSchool.com​. Babinski said they should ​c​ontact the public charter school of their choice and ask them about enrolling today. Each individual charter school administration will walk ​parents through the ​enrollment ​process.

Parents need to be aware they may get some pushback, however.

​”​Some school districts may attempt to inform or persuade parents that they are limited in their choices or options for virtual learning or that they must accept whatever virtual program the district might have attempted to create in the last few months​,” Babinski said. “​That is not true​–it is the best educational interest of each individual child that is most important​ in enrollment transfer decisions​, and ​a parent’s ​decision about their own​ child should be given the greatest weight​​.”

Parents who find themselves in a situation where a​n​ online charter school is willing to enroll their child, but they are receiving blowback from their brick and mortar local district should call the hotline​, ​608-960-7766.

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