The campaign for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly is going for humor again, this time in a statewide radio ad.

The ad, titled “Fairy Tale,” takes aim at “elitist” judges who wave their gavels to create new laws. The ad uses a squeaky voice and an anachronistic record-needle scratching sound to make light of judicial activism before declaring Kelly is not that kind of Supreme Court Justice.

The radio ad “is part of a six-figure ad buy and will run statewide from now until the February 18th primary,” according to the Kelly campaign.

“It also highlights the stark contrast between Justice Kelly’s rule-of-law judicial philosophy and the judicial activism being pushed by his opponents,” according to Kelly’s campaign.

Transcript for “Fairy Tale” (:30)

Narrator 1: “There once was an elitist group of judges in black robes who thought they knew best.” 

“So they waved their gavels and decided that the law should mean whatever they wanted it to. The end.”

Narrator 2: “Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly isn’t is not one of those judges.” 

“Justice Kelly is tough, fair, and he believes the law says what it means. Period.”

“On February 18th, let’s send Justice Dan Kelly back to the Supreme Court.”

You can listen to the ad here:

Kelly, of course, is an elite judge in a black robe sitting on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. He was appointed by former Governor Scott Walker to complete the term of Justice David Prosser. Kelly is now running for his own ten-year term on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is currently divided 6-3 between conservatives and liberals. Kelly is recognized as belonging to the conservative faction.

Kelly’s opponents are two liberals: Marquette Law School Professor Ed Fallone and Madison Judge Jill Karofsky. The Spring Primary election is February 18. The top two vote-getters will advance to the Spring Election on April 7, the same day as Wisconsin’s presidential preference primary, when heavy Democratic turnout is expected.

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