(The Center Square) – Voters in Wisconsin don’t appear to have changed their minds much about the race for president. 

The latest Marquette Law School Poll shows Joe Biden is leading President Donald Trump among likely voters by four points, 47-43. That is within the poll’s margin of error. 

MU’s Charles Franklin says the poll shows a “slight change in voting preferences or attitudes in the wake of shootings and protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in late August.”

The poll was conducted between Aug. 30 and Sept. 3, after the chaos in Kenosha but before the Labor Day weekend. 

The poll also shows Trump’s favorable rating remains unchanged from the past few months, while his unfavorable rating ticked down a bit. 

“Favorable and unfavorable views of the presidential candidates have been stable in recent months,” Franklin said. “Trump has held a 42 percent favorable rating since June, with 54 or 55 percent unfavorable.”

Biden’s favorable and unfavorable ratings have gotten slightly better over those same months.

“Biden’s favorable rating has varied between 42 and 45 percent since May, with 46-48 percent giving him an unfavorable rating,” the poll states. 

The president gets good marks in the poll for his handling of the economy, 52 percent approve while 44 percent disapprove. But the reviews of his handling of the coronavirus are not as good, 41 percent approve while 56 percent disapprove. 

The last Marquette Law School Poll, in early August, gave Biden a five point lead (49-44). Pollsters say this latest poll indicates that 7 percent of voters asked continue to say they would not vote for either Trump or Biden, do not know who they would vote for, or would not say which candidate they prefer. 

The sample included 802 registered voters in Wisconsin interviewed by cell phone or landline, with a margin of error of +/- 4 percentage points. There are 688 likely voters, with a margin of error of +/- 4.3 percentage points.

Benjamin Yount reports on Illinois and Wisconsin statewide issues for The Center Square. Reposted with permission.

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