It turns out Cathy Myers, a Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional District, is one of them Illinois imports that Democrats warned us about during the Foxconn debate.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Mary Spicuzza and political gossip columnist Dan Bice are reporting Myers claimed a $6000 annual homestead tax credit for a primary residence in Illinois until 2012. The problem is Myers moved to Wisconsin in 2009 and began voting here at that time.

“My taxes were filed based on the advice of a licensed tax attorney,” Myers wrote to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to explain. “I am seeking a second opinion to review those filings. If there are any  adjustments that need to be made, I will, of course, make them.”

Myers, of course, has been critical of Randy Bryce, her Democratic Primary opponent, over his finances including unpaid child support.

Bice and Spicuzza point out that property taxes are a key funding source for school systems. Apparently, it’s okay if other people pay (even more) taxes to fund Myers’ salary, but not so much for Myers to cough up her full share of property taxes to fund schools.

The Democratic Primary is August 14. The winner will move on to the general election in November to face the Republican nominee.

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