By the way, the outrage continues. My op-ed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorsing Lt. Gov Mandela Barnes for Senate over Sen. Ron Johnson and Gov. Tony Evers against challenger Tim Michels stirred up some interesting reactions. In the “Life, Under Construction” newsletter on Monday, I answered some of my critics, including this one:

“I understand that you have never made much with your life, except maybe having people pay for your political service, so you are now writing articles criticizing those who have, like Ron Johnson. That’s how woke liberals work – the Mandela Barnes if this work who have never had a real job, have defaulted on their taxes and don’t pay their parking tickets, etc etc etc. Ron Johnson is actually a really good person who has CrREATED jobs, and helped build a business. But you are a failure. The unfortunate thing s that the woke JS lets your u put your stupid articles on their paper. Pray to God that your idiot loses.”

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My response: “I promise to follow Johnson’s example and better myself by marrying into money. This will be bad news for my wife and kids, but they’ve never benefited too much from people paying me for my political services.”

I also respond to author John Bicknell, my former editor, and WISN radio personality Jay Weber.

I said the outrage continues and yes, the hate mail is still trickling in. But so are emails from people who agree with me.

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