Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his fellow players are asking the fans at tonight’s Packer-Bears game to link arms together in a sign of “unity and love.” However, the Green Bay Police Department is concerned that Rodgers’ unity demonstration may result in a completely different reaction from the fans.

WBAY-TV is reporting Green Bay police will be increasing their presence on the field during the planned pre-game demonstration.

The department, which is in charge of most of the security inside Lambeau Field, is working to protect people on the field from the possibility of fans throwing objects from the stands or fans who may try to get onto the field.

Police will not add additional staff to the game, but they will position more of the staffed officers onto the field.

The department said the effort is to make sure the proceedings leading up to kickoff are safe. Police said they’ll also work diligently to protect fans in the stadium.

Meanwhile, DirecTV letting disgruntled NFL fans cancel the NFL Sunday Ticket package for a full refund. Normally fans are not allowed to cancel once the season has started, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Sunday Ticket package is $1.5 billion a year in licensing revenue for the NFL. The cost of the package is around $280, according to ESPN.

The Wall Street Journal is also reporting the NFL-owned channel RedZone is also experiencing cancellations. They reported on the experience of one unhappy Wisconsin football fan who cancelled the channel:

Chuck Plavk, a veteran who resides in Wisconsin, canceled his subscription to the channel from Charter Communications ’ Spectrum Cable. He said when he called, the customer service representative said, “everybody’s calling about that today.” Unlike Sunday Ticket, which is only available through DirecTV, RedZone is available through a number of cable providers and streaming outlets.

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