(AFNS-Mequon) MSNBC host Joy Reid discovered by accident that commentator Charlie Sykes is still a conservative when she asked him a question about something other than Donald Trump.

Reid went on a five-minute rant about school choice in a recorded broadcast for April 1 when she asked Sykes about the private school voucher program in Milwaukee.

“Charlie, how do the Republicans in your state get away with supporting taking dollars away from public schools to fund privatized education?” Reid asked.

“Well, actually Joy, I’ve always supported giving parents a choice and I don’t believe that students should be trapped in failing schools just because they live in Milwaukee,” Sykes replied.

A stunned Reid then waited a full five seconds of dead air before asking, “Charlie, are there any other secret conservative beliefs you’re hiding?”

“What do you mean?” asked Sykes. “I’ve never hid that I was once a part of the conservative movement. The conservative brand may be damaged beyond repair, but that doesn’t mean my beliefs have changed.”

Sykes then turned to his bookshelf. “It’s all still there. William F. Buckley, Milton Friedman, Russell Kirk, Ayn Rand, and, of course, my own books,” Sykes said.

A clearly flustered Reid then took the network to commercial. “Okay, this is a stunning revelation,” Reid said. “I think we’re going to go to commercial while I absorb this news.”

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