Madison Project Endorses Kevin Nicholson

The Madison Project, a leading conservative political organization “committed to wholesale, conservative change of the Washington political scene,” announced that it endorsed Kevin Nicholson in the race for U.S. Senate.

The endorsement from the Madison Project follows major recent endorsements from the Club for Growth and Ambassador John Bolton as well as the announcement of an impressive list of campaign finance co-chairs. Kevin also announced this week that he signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge from Americans for Tax Reform.

An excerpt from their endorsement is below:

“He’s a Democrat turned Republican, a former Marine and one of the best candidates the GOP will field in 2018. His name is Kevin Nicholson and the Madison Project is endorsing him for United States Senate in Wisconsin…

…His political epiphany years ago turned him into a rock ribbed conservative… That same mentality is what he will take with him to Washington, DC. As a first time candidate and a Marine, that also makes him an outsider who cannot get pushed around easily and we love that.

This will be one of the top Senate races in 2018. It’s time for the conservative movement to rally around Kevin and propel him to victory in 2018!”

Read the entire endorsement by clicking HERE.


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