The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Dan Bice, the newspaper’s political gossip columnist, is reporting on leftists upset with a planned fundraiser for Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander at a gun range.

From Deanna Alexander’s Facebook page.

“To honor the lives violently taken in Las Vegas and every day in our country, Wisconsin Working Families calls on Supervisor Alexander to cancel her event and commit instead to meeting with Milwaukee families affected by gun violence,” Lynch said in a statement.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel even helps out with the headline, “Bice: County supervisor defends campaign fundraiser at shooting range days after Las Vegas massacre.” Of course, the fundraiser is 13 days after the tragedy occurred, so the headline is completely misleading. (Like most newspaper columnists, Bice does not write his own headlines.)

Alexander, to her credit, isn’t backing down, according to Bice.

“Their politicizing of the Las Vegas tragedy to deter law-abiding citizens from learning more about the safe and responsible use of firearms is divisive and disrespectful,” Alexander told Bice. Bice also reports that Alexander has been advertising the fundraiser for some time.

What Bice doesn’t report is whether Wisconsin Working Families would ever be happy with Alexander having a fundraiser at gun range. We strongly suspect that the answer would be no. Whether the fundraiser is October 14 or on Christmas Day, the leftwing organization will never be happy it’s being held at a gun range.

We’ll also point out Wisconsin Working Families simply doesn’t like Alexander, either. They would happily see her cancel all fundraisers, and we’re sure they could manufacture a reason for canceling any Alexander fundraiser regardless of the venue.

And what Bice fails to report is that the director of Wisconsin Working Families is Milwaukee County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic, a former County Board Chairman and a political foe of Alexander.

So spare us the handwringing about the fundraiser. This isn’t about the propriety of holding a fundraiser at a gun range after a tragedy. This is about Alexander’s political enemies using a terrible tragedy to try to score political points with the help of Bice and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Of course, Dimitrijevic got the headline her group wanted and now they’re tweeting it out.

Does anybody at the Journal Sentinel feel the need to take a shower after they’ve been used like this?

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