Milwaukee Liberals are pitching a fit on social media over a photo of what appears to be a road repair crew openly carrying guns.

Photo from Facebook

Photo from Facebook

In the undated photo of unknown origin, one of the workers carrying a gun appears to be wearing a safety vest from Poblocki Paving. However, Poblocki Paving is denying that these are employees of the company.

They are not wearing Poblocki Paving Uniforms. One happens to have on a vest that has our name on it None of our employees are allowed to wear bluejeans and all are required to wear vests anytime they are working. These are not our guys.

Despite the denial, liberal posters on the Poblocki Paving Facebook page and elsewhere on social media are criticizing the workers for carrying guns, even calling the road crew racist for wanting to protect themselves in Milwaukee.

Earl Ingram of 1510am WRRD “Resistance Radio”  is urging his listeners to contact Poblocki Paving and the city to complain.

If they are too afraid to work in Milwaukee without caring, they shouldn’t be allowed in the city. If you are so damned afraid you have to hold your gun in your hand in broad daylight,you shouldn’t be working in Milwaukee. Contact City Hall and demand something be done about these people. Go back to where you came from and flash your weapons. After all, it is our tax dollars being used to pay these FOOLS.

Poblocki Paving is based in Milwaukee.

On the air, Ingram even compared the workers carrying guns to “Selma and Alabama.”

In March, Milwaukee city inspector Greg “Ziggy” Zyszkiewicz was killed in an attempted carjacking while he was on duty.

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