Madison, WI – The League of Conservation Voters got the Halloween season underway early with their efforts to disguise Senator Tammy Baldwin as a bipartisan politician.

​When it comes to Baldwin’s 18-year Liberal voting record it’s all tricks and no treat:

Senator Baldwin says she supports veterans, but her actions on the Tomah VA don’t match her rhetoric. Despite receiving a key report on the problems at the Tomah VA Baldwin failed to act, but then sprung into action to protect herself by hiring a high powered D.C. attorney.

Tammy Baldwin always saw Obamacare as a vehicle to enact a government run single payer plan. Baldwin isn’t content with Obamacare’s 36% premium increase this year. Her far left ideology demands $32 trillion to move to a socialist government run system that will only make things worse for your family.

Baldwin has heaped regulations and taxes on Wisconsin, killing tens of thousands jobs. She supported EPA regulations that would have cost Wisconsin 20,000 manufacturing jobs. Baldwin also supports Cap and Trade legislation that would cost Wisconsin 67,000 jobs.

Tammy Baldwin supported sending billions to Iran, putting them on a path to nuclear weapons and funding terrorism. Baldwin opposed sanctions on Iran but supported the Iran Nuclear deal. Her vote gave Iran billions, some of which John Kerry said would fund terrorism.

Baldwin says she wants to cut taxes, but she has voted for higher taxes hundreds of times. Baldwin has supported the death tax and marriage tax repeatedly while opposing tax cuts for small business. She even opposed a bipartisan tax package supported by President Obama that would have saved an average family $3,000 per year.

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