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Dear Readers,

Dr. John McAdams caught Marquette University encouraging high school kids to skip school to protest against guns on March 14, telling the students it won’t be held against them when they apply for admission to the once-Catholic university. The question that immediately springs to mind, how would they react if someone else encouraged the students to walk out of class to protest the firing of Professor John McAdams?

We suspect that Marquette President Michael Lovell would not see the humor in that.

But kids should go to school, regardless of the special cause they believe in this week. Parents ought to know better. After all, it’s not like they can just walk off the job when they’re older to stage a die-in in the company lobby to express sympathy for some political cause.

And it’s even more amazing to me that the Women’s March is encouraging this sort of behavior. When I was a kid, if I told my mom that I was going to stage a protest by walking out of class, I’d have gotten such an earful I would have regretted even mentioning the topic.

There would be no point in telling my dad. He knew all of my teachers and he would have just called them before school to let them know I was not to leave the classroom for any reason. Teachers liked my dad.

So who is encouraging these kids to walk out? It turns out the Mequon-Thiensville school district is encouraging it by saying no kids will be punished as long they return from disrupting the school in 17 minutes. Shorewood and Whitefish Bay students are also participating in this student walk-out.

Someone should ask those school districts how they would react if other students walk out the next day to protest to keep the right to bear arms and even to bring their guns to school on days they plan on going hunting. Somehow I don’t think the schools, or the media, would be as sympathetic and as tolerant of the disruption.

However, what the schools tolerate will become the standard. Perhaps they should keep that in mind and be more forceful in telling the kids to stay in school. After all, it’s Pi Day (3.14), and that the only irrational thing students should be concerned about.

– James Wigderson, Editor, RightWisconsin

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