If I could pick anyone I would want to take with me into a political battle, I’d choose Leah Vukmir.

When parents of special-needs students came to us and said their current public school wasn’t working, and they were continually being denied open enrollment, Leah and I led the charge to open doors for kids across the state.

No student should be trapped in a school in a setting that fails them.

So, Leah and I proposed the special-needs scholarship program. The Madison deep state led by Tony Evers and his bureaucrat allies tried to stop us every step of the way. Every bit of progress we made came with more obstacles. But that never got Leah down. With her grit and tenacity, she fought with me until we finally succeeded. And even then, she kept fighting because she knew that more kids deserved access to schools that work for them.

Leah originally stepped into public service to improve education for her kids and ours. She has always kept that in the forefront of her mind as she’s represented her constituents. Now as she’s running for U.S. Senate, she’s traveling across all 72 Wisconsin counties, listening to voters to hear what’s on their minds, and running to take our Wisconsin values to Washington.

Leah won’t forget why we sent her and will fight tooth and nail to deliver for us. I wholeheartedly choose Leah to be Wisconsin’s next senator, and I would encourage you to join me, too.

John Jagler (R-Watertown) is the state representative for Assembly District 37.
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