WISN-AM’s Jay Weber accused Republican candidate for US Senate Kevin Nicholson of trying to “have it both ways” when it comes to attacks on the record of his primary election opponent state Senator Leah Vukmir (R-Brookfield) by the national Club for Growth. Weber criticized Nicholson on Friday after he and his campaign refused to comment on Club for Growth’s attacks on Vukmir for voting for Governor Scott Walker’s budgets in 2011 and 2015.

“I don’t know if he’s getting bad advice or if it’s because he’s new to politics or what,” Weber said. “But Kevin Nicholson apparently believes he can have outside groups attack and trash and lie about Leah Vukmir while his hands stay clean. It is time for that to stop.”

In directing his on-air comments to Nicholson himself, Weber pointed to Nicholson’s spokesman directing questions about Club for Growth’s criticism of Walker’s budgets back to the organization.

“You own this endorsement. You touted it when you got it. You own those working on your behalf and working in your name,” Weber said. “So either rein them in and denounce their attacks on Leah Vukmir as unfair, or be honest how you want to play this primary campaign.”

“Maybe you agree with the attacks on Vukmir,” Weber continued. “Maybe you agree, boy that Act 10 budget was terrible. Then say it. Run on the fact that you disagree with Act 10. You have to give up the above-the-fray-good-guy act and admit my mission here is to win at all costs and if that means trashing Leah then, well, you know, politics is blood sport.”

Weber said that Nicholson’s campaign has been trying to portray Vukmir as an insider, but it’s Nicholson that’s running the “slick insider” campaign by lying about her record.

“The truth is Nicholson has no voting record to even look at, to give us a hint of how he would he really vote when push comes to shove,” Weber said. “When you have a bunch of liberals chaining themselves up in your offices and talking about how your vote is going to kill babies, how are you going to vote?”

Weber said lying about Vukmir’s record won’t work because Wisconsin voters will remember the Act 10 protests and how Vukmir stood with Walker.

“But it is still ugly and irksome,” Weber said.

After thanking Nicholson for his military service, Weber noted that Nicholson’s campaign keeps touting his service as a Marine as a reason to vote for him. Weber said former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry touted his military service the same way, but Kerry was “one of the worst and most dishonest Senators to ever serve in the Senate.”

Weber said if Nicholson was unwilling to criticize Club for Growth’s attacks, he should explain why he supports them.

“Say I support the Club for Growth attacks, I think they’re accurate,” Weber advised Nicholson. “I think that Act 10 budget was terrible, and explain why. But a Marine, hiding? Semper hide? Is that how that goes?”

You can listen to the entire segment from Jay Weber’s program below:

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