Congressman Gwen Moore, D-Milwaukee, got to be treated seriously for a little while on Sunday. Television personality Mike Gousha interviewed Moore on the Sunday morning talk show UpFront about her call to have President Donald Trump removed from office. It was a reminder why nobody outside of Milwaukee cares what Moore thinks.

Moore’s preferred method for removing Trump is not impeachment, which she says takes too long, but by having Trump declared mentally incompetent under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution. A quick scan around the internet, the repository of all wisdom, finds that Moore is not alone in her fantasy.

Regardless of one’s feelings about Trump, the president is not going anywhere. To remove the president, the process would work like this: The vice president and a majority of the cabinet would declare the president to be mentally incompetent. The vice president then assumes the power of the presidency. However, the president can then declare he is not mentally incompetent. He then re-assumes the power of his office. Then the vice president and the cabinet have four days to respond. Congress is then forced to convene within 48 hours and decide the issue within 21 days.

Try to imagine any scenario where Vice President Mike Pence and a majority of the cabinet even start this process. But the political left continues to indulge in this fantasy in the same way they indulged in the fantasy that the Russians somehow hacked the voting machines in Wisconsin to tip the election to Trump. Then they indulged in the fantasy that the Electoral College was somehow going to tip against Trump, when the only candidate that lost Electoral College votes was Hillary Clinton. Then they returned to the fantasy that somehow the Russians hacked the election, but now The Nation reports the hacking of the Democratic National Committee was actually an internal leak.

So when Moore, one of the most unserious congressmen ever to be elected to the office, tweets out that Trump should be removed from office via the 25th Amendment, there’s Gousha ready to give her pronouncement some credibility with a Sunday morning interview.

But Gousha didn’t ask Moore the one question that would have undermined the point of the interview: Didn’t Moore also call for the impeachment of President George W. Bush? By golly, she did. So much for Moore’s claim that her call for Trump’s removal is beyond party.

So is there any Republican president that Moore could support? Would she call for the removal of Pence and (going through the order of succession) House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Janesville, too? How quickly would her friends on the left convince her to support their impeachments?

It’s too bad Gousha didn’t ask Moore if she supported the removal of incompetent members of Congress, a 25th Amendment solution, by her colleagues. But that would have been a serious question to an unserious member of Congress.

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