This is part 2 of of Daniel Degner’s National Right to Life Convention diary. Part 1 can be seen here.

Governor Scott Walker was welcomed at the National Right to Life Convention with a standing ovation from the pro-life audience. The governor spoke during the political strategy seminar Friday morning.  

Walker celebrated his son Matthew’s birthday on Friday, which reminded him of his first Wisconsin Right to Life speaking event in 1994.  At this banquet, a young 25-year old Walker used pictures of his young baby Matthew to support standing for pro-life legislation as a freshman state assemblyman.  

Throughout the speech, Walker continued to press into the hearts and not just the activist’s minds. Walker drew an analogy between the Pro-Life movement and the Bible. “Nehemiah in the Bible had to understand the why not the what,” Walker said. Throughout the rest of the session, Walker continuously pounded the “why” question to the audience in order create a purpose for their activism.

Photo by Daniel Degner

A full room for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at the National Right to Life Convention. June 30, 2017

Walker unashamedly attributed his success in politics to his prior experience in the pro-life movement. “I was involved in Marquette Students for Life before being involved in partisan politics,” Walker said. Walker eventually became the President of Marquette Students for Life and organized events at the March for Life in Washington D.C.

By acknowledging his foundation in the grassroots of the life issue it opened the door to his future career as a politician.  “Grassroots matter,” Walker said. Walker credited his political success in his first electoral win to “hard work and staying focused on doors.” He encouraged the audience to do the same in the upcoming 2018 elections.  

Next, the governor put everyone on the edge of their seats by hinting at making an announcement for re-election in 2018.  “I’m fairly inclined to run for re-election in 2018,” Walker said. This isn’t an official declaration for candidacy, but was encouraging to the pro-life crowd.

The pro-life community in Wisconsin has many reasons to be excited for a Scott Walker re-election. The governor claimed, “In Wisconsin there has been a 38 percent reduction in abortion since I became governor in 2010.”  Because Walker signed bills like Sonya’s Law that requires abortionists to give ultrasounds prior to performing abortions, the vision of life-promoting government has become a reality.  


Walker also believes Wisconsin conservatives can make a significant difference for the pro-life cause and encouraged pro-life conservatives to get back to the basics.  By being involved in local state elections and knocking on doors through grassroots campaigning, Walker believes the state can continue to become a larger conservative powerhouse.

The convention was visibly moved by Walker’s presentation. The crowd thanked the governor  with a standing ovation that continued even after he left the convention hall.  Walker received the largest welcoming and appreciation of any other speaker thus far.

Daniel Degner is a junior at Liberty University.
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