It wasn’t exactly John Lennon’s Revolution 9. Nine people stood on a street corner holding signs, and WFRV-TV was on the spot with the live coverage.

“We want Senator Roger Roth to know people in his district are hoping he will vote no on this,” Representative Amanda Stuck, D-Appleton, said.

Roth, a Republican from Appleton, voted yes on the Foxconn bill which passed the state Senate 20-13. All but one Republican senator voted for the bill and Democratic Senator Robert Wirch of Kenosha voted for the bill, too.

Apparently only nine people on a street corner were not enough to dissuade Roth from voting for a bill which could mean a $10 billion new manufacturing campus in Wisconsin employing up to 13,000 people. The economic impact of the Foxconn development could mean an additional 26,000 jobs and could return $3.90 for every $1 invested by the state.

But nine people, none of whom will ever vote for Roth, were able to get a television truck and a reporter to do a live report from the protest.

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