Hoffman Construction announced that work is to begin on January 8 on a new road project for the Foxconn development.

“The State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation awarded Hoffman Construction the IH-94 North South frontage roads at the Hwy 11 interchange in front of the future Foxconn manufacturing facility in Racine County,” the press release said. “The 6.5 mile, $12,697,000 project consists of reconstruction of the east and west frontage roads to accommodate the IH-94 North South widening project.”

RightWisconsin previously reported how Hoffman Construction had threatened to leave Wisconsin if the state’s Right-to-Work law passed, but then did an about-face when the Foxconn announcement was made. Now Hoffman Construction is benefitting from its decision to stay in Wisconsin.

In the release, the owner of Hoffman Construction compared the arrival of Foxconn to Wisconsin to the birth of the auto industry.

“Foxconn coming to Wisconsin resembles when Henry Ford picked Detroit for the first automotive manufacturing facility,” owner James Hoffman said. “We look forward in utilizing Hoffman Construction’s fleet of scrapers, dozers and haul trucks and especially our biggest asset, our people, to build the projects.”

We’re still wondering if Hoffman will remember that part of the reason Foxconn chose Wisconsin was the state’s Right-to-Work law. Our friends at Media Trackers have reached out to Hoffman for comment without success.

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