First in WisPolitics: Nicholson for Senate Announces Finance Co-Chairs

As first reported in WisPolitics this morning, decorated Marine combat veteran and conservative outsider Kevin Nicholson announced an initial list of fourteen prominent Republican donors and fundraisers as co-chairs of his fundraising committee. The Nicholson team continues to add to the list and looks forward to announcing more finance committee members in the coming weeks and months.

The campaign also announced that prominent Republican fundraiser Mary Stitt will lead Nicholson’s in-state fundraising efforts. Stitt has served as a fundraiser for Governor Scott Walker and Speaker Paul Ryan, among many other Republicans.

Within the last week, Nicholson’s candidacy has also received major endorsements from former Ambassador John Bolton and the well-funded conservative group Club for Growth.

“Kevin is an inspiring leader who fought for our country as a Marine, and as a businessman, he knows how the real world actually works,” said Jeff Harris, a co-chair of the Nicholson for Senate Finance Committee. “Kevin is the conservative outsider Wisconsin needs in the U.S. Senate.”

A list of Finance Committee Co-Chairs is below. In the weeks and months ahead, the co-chairs will be charged with building a robust, statewide finance committee and making sure the Nicholson campaign has the resources needed to win a potential primary and then defeat Tammy Baldwin.


John Anderson

Dan Ariens

Betsie Berrien

Bill Berrien

Mike Borden

Debbie Cervenka

Jeff Harris

Rick Lommen

Ed Mooney

Matt Neumann

Trygve Solberg

Dick Uihlein

Liz Uihlein

Terrence Wall

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