Voters in the 7th Congressional District special election may be a little confused over which Republican candidate was actually endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA). We’re going to clear that up.

Both Republican candidates in the February 18 primary received the maximum rating possible. State Sen. Tom Tiffany (R-Minocqua) received an A+ rating, the highest score possible for a current office holder. Jason Church received an AQ rating, the highest possible score based upon how Church answered the NRA questionnaire.

But the NRA took the extra step of actually endorsing Tiffany.

“The NRA Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) has endorsed Tom Tiffany for the U.S. House of Representatives,” the organization states in its press release. “Tom is the only candidate in this race who has led the fight to expand Second Amendment freedoms in Wisconsin, and he will stand strong against the Pelosi/Schumer/Bloomberg gun control agenda in Congress.”

However, that hasn’t stopped special interests that support Church from trying to muddy the situation. Similar to the NRA’s traditional orange endorsement postcard, another orange post card points out Church’s claims to support the Second Amendment rights of Wisconsinites.

Photo provided by Nate Nelson

The mailing was not from the NRA, but from an organization known as Americans 4 Security PAC, an organization with ties to former Assembly Speaker John Gard. Gard represents road building union interests still upset with Tiffany over his vote to repeal prevailing wage laws in Wisconsin.

Ironically, Americans 4 Security PAC is partially funded by an organization called, “With Honor.” Among the funders of “With Honor” is former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Democratic candidate for president and major opponent of the rights of gun owners nationally.

Another union is also attacking Tiffany over his decision to vote for the repeal of prevailing wage laws.

Prevailing wage laws require government contractors to pay their employees at a higher union scale. The requirement limits competition of contractors and the higher wages drive up the cost of public works projects.

Despite recent controversies involving the NRA, the endorsement of Tiffany carries weight in the 7th Congressional District. Even Rep. David Obey (D), a progressive who represented the district for over 40 years, made sure to support the rights of gun owners, earning an A rating from the NRA.

The special primary election in the 7th congressional district is Tuesday, February 18, and the special Election Day is on May 12. You can follow RightWisconsin’s coverage of election night on Twitter, @RightWisconsin.

Correction: Former Assembly Speaker John Gard represents road building union interests, the Operating Engineers, and not the road builders themselves as the article previously indicated.

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