Recently, six female Democrat legislators authored an opinion piece accusing Gov. Scott Walker of leaving women behind.  

The column was full of delusions from the Left, claiming to be the voice for all women, presuming we don’t differ in opinion, classifying us as a group that needs to be spoken for, and refusing to consider that perhaps not ALL women see things through such a narrow lens.  

Liberal women speaking out that government ought to be the sole protector for women is not new — we, of course, should be so grateful for their superior enlightenment. But as a woman, as a nurse, and as a mother, I find myself compelled to join in on the discussion.

For far too long, society has tolerated the Left’s justification for the murder of unborn babies because they have so creatively messaged this horrific act as a women’s health issue. Sorry ladies, I’m the type who calls it like I see it. You are not pro-choice, you are pro-abortion. Your watered-down terminology is a societal cop-out, particularly when one considers the likelihood that many of those murdered babies were likely going to grow up as strong, independent women — so much for their health.

While you sit on your elitist horses, educating us on why women’s health and extreme liberalism have erroneously become synonymous with one another, what I’m about to say will undoubtedly anger you.

I’m proud to have supported legislation defunding government subsidies for abortion and ensuring babies are not ripped from the womb beyond 20 weeks. Additionally, Wisconsin Republicans have provided alternatives for those women who are in need of healthcare options. This is a win-win. Babies live, and health care for women continues without the taxpayers subsidizing the murder of babies.

Of course, I would be remiss not to mention your seething opposition to School Choice, which enables mothers to take an active role in their sons’ and daughters’ schooling and expands access to quality education, access to young girls who will become tough, resilient women.  

Or perhaps, your despising of additional dollars placed into the pockets of Wisconsin parents through tax cuts, thereby improving the lives of their daughters, many of whom, will also grow into strong community leaders.  Or the angst over the lowest unemployment rate in our state’s history, providing jobs across Wisconsin — many filled by women.

Gov. Walker and the Republican-controlled Legislature haven’t left women behind, we’ve supported them by putting Wisconsin in a much better position than it was left in 2010. While you claim to have a deeper sense of what women need from lawmakers, your unwillingness to consider that there are women who aren’t victims of conservative policy, rather champions of it, speaks volumes.

I will not stand by silently while women claim we are only strong thanks to the government. Women are courageous and diverse. Instead of embracing our differences and enabling us through expanded liberty and individual responsibility — liberals want us brainwashed and indebted to them. The Left’s policies fail women, and I will continue to work with strong ladies across our great state to build up future generations of women who are independent thinkers.

With Republican leadership, women are empowered and succeeding. To say otherwise is false, and I won’t let my Democrat colleagues perpetuate these lies.

State Sen. Leah Vukmir (R-Brookfield) represents the 5th Senate District and is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.
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