As if they wanted to confirm what Governor Scott Walker has been saying about the anger of Democrats motivating them this year, some protesters showed up at Friday night’s events for the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s annual convention to greet attendees with chants, yelling and confrontations.

“This shameful display as Gov. Walker welcomed friends and supporters to a local event with his family is proof that the left is filled with anger,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin in a statement on Saturday. “Wisconsinites shouldn’t be harassed by angry protesters just for supporting the governor, but Republicans will continue to fight for his bold reforms to keep moving Wisconsin forward.”

Here’s video footage of the protesters “welcoming” convention goers to Milwaukee:

Here are some photos of the angry Democrats that Governor Scott Walker has been describing.

Future candidates for anger management class.

A liberal protester decides to get in the face of a woman who needs a walker. So much for respecting women in the so-called #metoo era.

Of course, Democratic leaders will claim that they have nothing to do with encouraging the protesters and that they don’t represent the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Oh wait, isn’t that the campaign of one of the Democrats running for governor?

You know how you can tell it’s an authentic Wisconsin Democratic campaign stunt? By the Illinois license plates.

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