MADISON – Governor Scott Walker released his Weekly Radio Address on Thursday titled “Delivering on the Promise of Tax Relief.

Hi, Scott Walker here.

Everyone in the state will get a sales tax holiday during the first weekend of August on retail purchases under $100. Whether you’re a retired couple purchasing some items for home or a young family buying some things for a new baby, everyone in Wisconsin will be eligible for our sales tax holiday under a plan we worked on with Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

Our plan also includes a $100 per child tax credit. That’s right, families would receive $100 for every child under the age of 18 living at home and they would get their check or direct deposit right before school starts. That’s great news as many parents and grandparents have a hard time affording all the school supplies, shoes and clothes that kids need when going back to school.

We are able to propose all of this because we have a larger than expected budget surplus this year. That’s right, the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau confirmed that our surplus for this fiscal year will be bigger than expected.

You see, years ago, we had to make some tough decisions. But they are paying off.

This new surplus is on top of the historic investments we just made into schools. It is in addition to the tax relief we provided in the current budget. I hope you noticed that the state property tax is gone. We eliminated it entirely.

Overall, the cumulative impact of our tax relief through the end of this budget is $8 billion. And as our surpluses continue to grow, we will look for ways to continue to reduce the income tax burden in our next state budget.

A few people in the Capitol are complaining about our sales tax holiday and our child tax credit. You see, they think it’s their money. We know it’s your money and it belongs to you. Our plan is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get it back to the hardworking taxpayers of Wisconsin.

Please let your lawmakers know that you don’t want them to spend the surplus on more government programs. Tell them that you want them to send it back to the hardworking taxpayers.

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