The squealing tires you heard yesterday came from the campaign bus of Judge Rebecca Dallet as she swerved out of the far left lane to a more central position in her race against Judge Michael Screnock.

The Dallet campaign released this spin (not from Dallet herself but rather from campaign manager Jessica Lovejoy):

There’s a mainstream candidate, Judge Rebecca Dallet, who proved that she can win with voters in each corner of the state, including urban and suburban and rural, young and old, men and women, uniting people of different faiths and backgrounds. And then there’s an extremist candidate who relies on special interests and dark money, Michael Screnock. This race offers voters a clear choice and Judge Dallet is best positioned to win in April.

This, of course, comes from a candidate who scrambled leftward when it appeared that Tim Burns might be making headway in his effort to become the Bernie Sanders of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  

Dallet’s leftward lurch included an unambiguous signal to the left that she would look kindly on re-opening the settled law on Act 10. If she wins on April 4 the court would be just one vote away from that possibility. It recalls the failed effort of candidate Linda Clifford in an earlier race to seek support from the left by saying settled school choice decisions should be reviewed.

Judge Screnock awoke yesterday morning not needing to change a single thing in his solid, steadfast campaign. As he said, and not through a spokesman:

[Tuesday’s] results serve as proof that voters across Wisconsin value the importance of a fair and impartial judiciary focused on upholding the rule of law and respecting our Constitution and the separation of powers, regardless of their political affiliation.

An intriguing question likely is being mulled by those trying to redefine Dallet: Does she even want Tim Burns’ endorsement? Why would she?

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