Twitter is literally deleting posts from former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, but this completely wackadoodle (that’s a clinical term) post is still up, and it’s our new favorite:

You can’t go full Coronavirus crazy without a good conspiracy theory.

The posts are being deleted for violations of terms and spreading unsafe advice about the Coronavirus. Clarke is promising to quit Twitter like he quit being a sheriff but, so far, no such luck.

Here are some other Coronavirus Crazy Clarke posts:

Don’t take away the man’s baseball, football, and rodeos on the big screen at his favorite bar.

Oh yeah, we hear you Clarke, loud and clear. That’s a large pizza and a whole lotta crazy bread.

Maybe WISN-AM in Milwaukee (and Clear Channel generally) should seriously think twice before they put this crank back on the air as a guest or as a fill-in host.

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