The gloves came off during a Democratic Primary debate between 1st congressional district candidates Randy Bryce and Cathy Myers after a question regarding Bryce’s history of arrests was asked. Myers made no show of playing nice and criticized Bryce after his response to the question, and then announced she has filed a FEC complaint about his campaign fundraising.

Myers and Bryce will face off in next month’s Democratic primary for a chance to face Republican Brian Steil in November for a chance at House Speaker Paul Ryan’s seat. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the debate between Myers and Bryce took place at the Rock County 4-H Fair and was moderated by  WCLO-AM (1240) “Your Talk Show” host Tim Bremel. At the Democratic Primary debate, Myers went on offense after Bryce defended himself after a question about his history of arrests:

“I too am not perfect, but I have not been arrested nine times. I have also filed recently a FEC complaint about the fundraising practices and payments from my competitors campaign.”

Myers refrained from bringing up Bryce’s past in a debate earlier this month. While appearing to be the candidate with “baggage issues,” Bryce is still seen as the front runner in the race, due in large part to benefiting from, as the Journal Sentinel put it, viral campaign videos, celebrity endorsements and a steep fundraising advantage.

[avatar user=”Sam Morateck” size=”thumbnail” align=”left” /]Sam Morateck is a reporter with Media Trackers. Reposted here with permission.

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