State Supreme Court Candidate Tim Burns is proving to be a more prolific Twitter user than President Donald Trump. We can’t wait for Burns to insult Rosie O’Donnell.

But Burns is a little unclear on the topic of promoted Facebook posts. He posted on Twitter a message to an anonymous promoter of leftwing candidates that we’re running attack ads against him.

Now this may shock Burns, but as a media company, we sometimes pay a little money to boost readership of our Facebook posts to attract more everyday readers. In this case, the Facebook post in question was an editorial about Burns that we thought potential readers would enjoy. So we explained as much:

We’re not sure why Burns included JR Ross of WisPolitics in the exchange. Ross is probably busy trying to convince Jeff Mayers to let him follow Governor Scott Walker on the trade mission to Japan. (Unfortunately, that’s not in the RightWisconsin budget for us to send a writer.)

But since Burns asked a question, we replied:

At this point, other liberals jumped in and asked if Burns was going to raise money to counter our ad. Burns said judicial candidates can’t ask for money. We’d like to remind Burns that judicial candidates are also not supposed to pre-judge cases that are likely to come before the Supreme Court but that hasn’t stopped him from doing so on the campaign trail. He’s also announced his endorsement of the Democratic Party’s legislative agenda and, as we point out in the editorial, embraced a rather strange judicial philosophy that makes the other branches of government almost superfluous.

But if Burns wants to continue to promote our editorials by spending campaign donations attacking them, we look forward to the opportunity to welcome more readers to RightWisconsin. In the meantime, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or subscribe to our free newsletter so you don’t miss a single article at RightWisconsin.

You can read the whole Twitter exchange with Burns below:

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