Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker (D-Not Indicted Yet) said in an interview last week that Wisconsin can expect a southern invasion at election time.

“Trust me, as has happened in previous years, van loads and bus loads of people from Illinois are going to be pouring over the borders into Wisconsin and Iowa helping to knock on doors working with the ground operations in those states and I’m excited about us being able to help.” Pritzker told Politico at the 10th annual State Solutions Conference in Washington.

Pritzker did not say how many cemetery residents he’ll be sending along to establish residency and vote. However, it sounds like the entire state of Wisconsin in October will look like the Wisconsin Dells in July.

Next time some Wisconsin Democrat claims Republicans are lying about bus loads of Illinois Democrats crossing our borders, we can just roll the tape. Not only is he promising more to come, he’s admitting so many have come up here in the past to play in our elections.

Here’s one group that everyone should agree they should go back where they came from and fix their own sh**h**e state. Because if we wanted Illinois politics, Wisconsinites could do what so many Illinois residents are doing: move.

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