MADISON – Governor Scott Walker released his Weekly Radio Address on Thursday, “2017-19 Budget Makes Major Investment in Education.”

Hi, Scott Walker here.

This week, I am proud to sign our state’s budget into law.

Not only is it a budget that moves Wisconsin Forward, it also makes important investments in Wisconsin’s future.

We know that today’s students are Wisconsin’s future leaders. That’s why the budget includes a $636 million dollar increase in funding for K-12 schools, pushing our state support of education to the highest level in actual dollars in Wisconsin’s history: that’s $11.5 billion dollars. And, as promised, we’re doing it all while cutting taxes for homeowners across the state.

Every child deserves access to a great education that provides them with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in college, career, and in life.

Our common sense, forward-thinking reforms are ensuring that dreams become a reality for Wisconsin’s students.

On top of our historic K-12 funding, we’re tackling college student debt at its root by freezing tuition across the entire UW System for a record six years in a row, and we’re alleviating the financial burden of college even more by raising needs-based Financial Aid grants to a record high.

But we aren’t done yet. Wisconsin is known for its highly-skilled, dependable workforce, and with the recent investments in our state by companies like Foxconn, Generac, and Haribo, our focus on workforce development and training has never been higher.

From K-12 schooling, to UW higher education, to highly skilled, family-supporting careers, we’re supporting Wisconsin students and families every step of the way.


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