Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes (D) has confused Thanksgiving with Festivus. He took to Twitter with his airing of grievances against America.

Given Barnes’ status as a loser legislative candidate who lucked into joining the statewide Democratic gubernatorial ticket without serious opposition, you would think that he would show more gratitude. After all, he’s lucked into a well-paying government job with absolutely no responsibilities and, apparently, no control from the governor’s office.

(The governor obviously didn’t coordinate his Thanksgiving message with his lieutenant governor.)

With the great economy he and Governor Tony Evers inherited from Governor Scott Walker, you would think Barnes would be grateful to the Republicans for a prosperous Wisconsin that recovered from the last time the Democrats were in charge.

Perhaps Barnes should just be thankful for the blessings of liberty, the greatness of America, and even a government that sends helpful reminders to pay his property taxes and parking tickets. Or at least he could be thankful for the refrigerator magnets where he kept those reminders and then forgot about them.

Just as he forgot about the reason for Thanksgiving.

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