An unscientific poll of a population that can reasonably be described as Wisconsin’s far left shows a far different result in the Democratic primary for governor than available public polling. Our Wisconsin Revolution, a remnant of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, polled its dues paying members on the 8 candidate field. In an email to membership Monday, OWR released the results:

We will not be sharing these numbers with press. We’re sharing these results with our members in an effort to inform and activate support for these Gubernatorial candidates leading up to the primary.

Here are the results you’ve been waiting for:

  • Mike McCabe had (sic) with 57.1% of the vote
  • Kelda Roys came in with 14.8%
  • Mahlon Mitchell and Kathleen Vinehout tied with 10.6%
  • Then: Tony Evers (4.2%), Paul Soglin (2.1%), and Maggie Turnbull (0.5%)

As you can see, no candidate achieved 60% of the vote, and that’s the main reason the OWR Board voted not to endorse in the Primary.

Those results stand in stark contrast to the latest scientific poll released by Marquette University Law School:

Tony Evers 31

Mahlon Mitchell 6

Kathleen Vinehout 6

Matt Flynn 5

Paul Soglin 4

Mike McCabe 3

Kelda Roys 3

Josh Pade 0

Evers dominates with 31 percent in a scientific poll but is an also-ran in OWR’s poll. The OWR sample is very small and not randomized; you had to be a paying member to participate. According to OWR:

At last count, we had 434 dues-paying members with about 190 members (43% of our membership) voting in governors poll. We are sharing these numbers with you, but they do not constitute an official endorsement(Because no candidate hit the 60% threshold. McCabe missed it by three points).

Despite no endorsement, OWR says there is a consolation prize:

The top four candidates in our poll are also the final four candidates vying for the title of “People’s Champ” in the Wisconsin’s Choice campaign. We are excited to keep working on the Wisconsin’s Choice project, and we’ll continue to bring our values to the forefront during this mid-term election season.

[avatar user=”Jerry Bader” size=”thumbnail” align=”left” /]Jerry Bader is the editor of Media Trackers and also the host of the podcast Jerry Bader Live. This appears courtesy of Media Trackers.

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