By James Wigderson for Media Trackers

There may be a reason that U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin is near the top of the list of vulnerable Democratic Senators. Baldwin has the worst sense of timing since Spain sent the fleet to attack England.

On Wednesday, Baldwin sent out a fundraising email asking for donations for a colleague, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island. The email, with the subject line “Climate Champion,” called Whitehouse, “one of the country’s fiercest fighters for our environment and climate.”

“On stopping climate change and preserving our environment, Sheldon is one of my closest allies,” Baldwin wrote. “Now, I’ve told you all about my race for reelection, where I’m up against unprecedented outside spending and a slew of shady Super PACs. But I’m not the only progressive Senator up for reelection in 2018. Sheldon is on the ballot, and we can’t afford to lose his voice on climate.”

The same day Baldwin sent the fundraising email about being a “climate champion,” much of her state was getting hit with more snow despite “Spring” being nearly a month old, according to the calendar. Maybe instead of writing about the beauty of a sunrise, as she did in the first paragraph, perhaps Baldwin should have opened a window in Madison and looked outside to see why her fellow Wisconsinites are looking forward to Global Warming.

The snow on Wednesday followed the record snowfalls of last weekend. Green Bay was hit with 23.9 inches of snow over the weekend. The “Frozen Tundra” has been blanketed with 35 inches in April.

Even the most pessimistic prediction from Groundhog Day puts the end of Winter in mid-March. But while Baldwin and her “Climate Champion” allies are preaching Chicken Little global warming, those aren’t acorns falling from the sky. It’s a bunch of ice pellets.

Weather isn’t climate, although many on the left have no trouble attributing the occasional natural disaster to the weather. But this endless winter weather is a reminder to us all that there is only one real” Climate Champion,” and that’s Mother Nature.

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