The Wisconsin chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is launching a new television ad campaign to thank Governor Scott Walker for cutting taxes and keeping the Wisconsin budget balanced. The “six-figure investment” in television advertising comes just after the announcement Monday that Wisconsin finished the 2015-2017 budget cycle with a $579 million surplus.

“Governor Walker is a true conservative leader who has successfully fought for a dynamic agenda of lower taxes, smarter regulations, a balanced budget, and a state government accountable to the people,” said Eric Bott, state director of AFP.  “With these ads, AFP-WI’s base of over 130,000 activists wants to thank Governor Walker for a job well done and encourage him to double down on pro-growth, commonsense conservative reforms that we know work.”

The narrator of the ad says:

Our state is on the right track. Wisconsin is creating jobs. Raising salaries and wages. Thanks to Governor Walker. Our state cut taxes and we have more money in our pockets. We’ve balanced the budget to provide more money for our children and their schools. So let’s thank Scott Walker for supporting Wisconsin families. Thank you Governor Walker.

AFP’s television ads coincide with the launch of a series of new web ads and a new video by Governor Scott Walker’s campaign in anticipation of the formal announcement of his candidacy for re-election.

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